19 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms for High-Performing Teams in 2022 [HR Approved Engaging Tools]

19 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms for High-Performing Teams in 2022 [HR Approved Engaging Tools]

Employee engagement refers to the amount of passion, joy, and dedication employees have towards their company. It’s obvious that employee engagement is important for the emotional well being of your employees. However, putting in real effort is a smart business investment.

Are you in a hurry? These are our top HR-approved software platforms for employee engagement in 2022

Promoting a positive culture in the workplace not only makes it more enjoyable, but also has a positive impact on the bottom line. This can lead to lower turnover, organic recruiting and greater profitability.

Yes, that’s right! Don’t take our word for this.

Gallup employee engagement survey found that highly-engaged teams are 21% more profitable than those who are disengaged, which costs U.S. companies $550 million per year. The data proves that happiness and well-being is one of the best investments companies can make. Employees who feel loved by their employers increase their productivity and return the affection. Engaged employees are more likely to seek out ways to improve the company’s efficiency and profitability.

Employers must engage employees in a continuous process. It begins at the beginning and continues as you move along your business’s journey.

People want to return if they are financially invested. Simon Sinek: “When people are emotionally invested they want to give back.” CLICK TO TWEET

We’ve consulted our trusted human resource specialists to test a variety of employee engagement tools in order to help you create a safe, happy, and fun company culture. We’ve narrowed our selection to 19 of the best employee engagement platforms that you can check out.

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The Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms

Employee engagement is a key component of any business, for good or bad. There are many areas that require a team of engaged employees, whether you’re in the office or remote. Every employee recognition program has its own strengths. Now it’s up to you to choose the one that best fits your company’s needs.

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Recognition Software for Employee Engagement

1) Kazoo


Kazoo provides a unique employee engagement platform that offers real-time feedback, rewards and recognition, as well as seamless integrations. Although peer-to-peer is a strong focus, the platform also offers ways for employers and managers to reward employees and give them perks. This virtual HR department will improve employee performance as well as workplace culture.

3 Things We Love about Kazoo:

  • Social Hub – This is where all the conversation takes place
  • Manager Reports – Employees won’t be left in the dark. They’ll have real-time information so they can make adjustments and pivot based on performance reviews and check ins.
  • Analytics — This includes leader and deeper insights

Prices: Basic, Plus and Enterprise plans cost $3 and $5, respectively. Enterprise prices vary depending on company size. Find out how to get started.


2) Bonusly


Bonusly can be a fun way for employees to stay engaged and increase productivity. The company can reward each other through this peer-to-peer recognition platform. The small bonuses from this reward portal add up to meaningful, connection-forming rewards and actionable insights.

3 Things We Love about Bonusly:

  • Data and Analytics — This provides metrics on everything, from the number of rewards that each department has given to the recognition earned by employees.
  • Rewards Catalogue — Employees can redeem bonus points for reward like gift cards or branded backpacks
  • Hashtags — The platform has a social media feel thanks to gifs and memes.

Price Bonus Pricing Starts at $3 per user. Although they don’t offer a free version, they do offer trial versions.


3) Nectar


Nectar helps you build relationships across your workforce and make them feel like family. On-demand swag and digital gift cards are two examples of streamlined rewards. The cherry on the top: Organizations pay per user with Nectar and aren’t tied into any contract. This employee engagement software is recommended for small to medium-sized businesses with 50 to 1500 employees.

3 Things We Love About Nectar:

  • Peer to-Peer Recognition – It’s one thing for management to say it, but we love the fact that employees can also recognize each other through this employee engagement software platform.
  • Wellness Challenges – Create wellness challenges for employees and instantly reward them.
  • On Demand Swag Previously, Swag required upfront costs, storage, and shipping. Nectar allows you to have an online swag storefront and ship branded items directly straight to your employees, as soon as they place their order.

Price Companies pay only when their employees use it. It’s not an unutilized or wasted expense. Nectar doesn’t require a contract and is free to use. The Standard plan costs $2.50 per month and there is a free version. View the pricing plan here.


4) EmpulsEmpuls-2

Emuls is an employee engagement tool that enhances company culture, and brings the entire digital workplace alive. Empuls is used by people leaders to bring together teams, remove silos, give voice to all employees, and create a culture that values appreciation across the company.

3 Features We Love from Empuls:

  • Employee pulse — This tool comes with inbuilt surveys and employee NPS. It also provides qualitative feedback so you can get to know your employees’ thoughts and feelings from time to time.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition — Allows your employees to feel moments of praise and appreciation through peer to peer and social recognition
  • Gamification built-in to drive adoption — Allows you to leverage milestones, badges and leader boards to increase engagement holistically.

Price: $2.50 per user per month. You get a 30-day free trial . It is easy to get started for any organization with the friendly UX.


5) Awardco


Awardco rewards modern businesses with a reward program. Their flexible engagement platform allows you to choose from a variety of gift options. These include tickets to events and hotel stays, as well as access to millions of Amazon products. Awardco knows that employees are able to choose the perfect gift for them.

3 Things We Love about Awardco:

  • Automated incentives – Awardco can manage an effective incentive program that encourages employees to achieve goals, complete tasks and take part in company initiatives.
  • Company initiatives – You can create programs and challenges that support your HR and culture leaders in your organization. You can create these programs in Awardco, so everyone is recognized, regardless of whether it’s a wellness program or a volunteer event.
  • Company Valuation tie-in – When choosing to honor your peers, you can highlight an action, reason, or company value that they have embodied. Awardco is flexible enough to adapt to your company’s needs so no two Awardco platforms will be exactly the same.

Pricing: To get an accurate price, visit Awardco to find out more.


Software for Employee Engagement and Team Building

6) Outback Team Building


Outlook team building offers managed activities and training modules that help to build a positive culture. Outback offers a wide range of services, including group training, development and consulting.

We Love Outback Team Building’s

  • Immersive Activities — These activities build relationships between employees by solving common challenges.
  • Professional Event Coordinator — This app provides event coordinators so you can get the best out of every planned activity.
  • Location Independence — This app encourages participation by employees, regardless of their location.

Prices: Outback Team Building offers events starting at $8 to $40 per person. They will make every effort to create a memorable and memorable virtual team building event for your group. Request a quote here.


7) The Go Game


The Go Game can be customized and is perfect for remote workers. You can use it for small groups up to 1,000 people. The Go Game is a fun, interactive platform that combines video, chat, shared experiences and more to improve employee satisfaction, retention, well-being, and engagement.

We Love Outback Team Building’s

  • Planners and Hosts — Outback offers highly-trained planners and hosts for events
  • Video Conferencing – It’s amazing video-conferencing can support large events
  • Team Building Sessions – These sessions increase creativity and problem solving for your team members

Price: Request a quote here. Although they don’t offer free trials , they do offer demos .


8) QuizBreaker


This scheduled virtual team-building quiz is delivered directly to your employees’ inboxes. To stay competitive as an employer, you must gamify your workplace. QuizBreaker does exactly that.

3 We Love from QuizBreaker:

  • Short Quizzes These short, shareable, customizable quizzes of 3 minutes each are quick and easy to use and keep employees engaged.
  • Gamification — Employees are given a dopamine high by the notifications and attention-grabbing functionality.
  • Automation — This scheduling functionality helps everyone in your team get into a routine and gives them something to look forward too throughout the week.

Cost: No cost trial Get started by clicking.


Software for Employee Engagement and Collaboration

9) monday.com


monday.com provides powerful resource management software that can be used to execute and plan projects. Monday.com is crucial to team success because it provides visibility into workflows, analytics, and real-time insight for key projects. This enps-boosting talent platform also produces regular updates and new integrations.

3 Features We Love from Monday.com:

  • Time Tracking — This allows team members to track how much time they have spent on different aspects of projects.
  • Timeline Views & Integrations — This feature is a great way to keep your team on track and accountable.
  • Automated Notifications – The notifications can serve as reminders to decrease time and errors, and the platform’s color coordinated design ensures that your employees actually use it.

Price: $8-16+ per user per month. View monday.com pricing details. No cost trial Yes. Get started here.


10) Slack


Slack has been a popular employee engagement tool for a reason. It is easy to use and allows team members create channels and keep up-to-date. It is easy to jump from one department to the next and reach out to anyone, from graphic designers to social media experts. Slack is also available as a mobile application.

3 Things We Love about Slack:

  • Instant messaging — Users can instantly message one another, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced work environment.
  • File Upload — Members of a team can upload files and images directly to the platform
  • App Integration — Team members can use an app browser to browse and add more than 12 apps to their workflow. This includes Asana and Google Drive.

Price Slack offers free options and two tiers paid plans, Standard and Plus. Standard is $8 per user per month or just a few cents more per person each year. Additional charges are $15 per user per month, or $150 per person per year.


Bonus: SaleScreen


SalesScreen makes selling a team effort with motivational tools, templates and templates. Although competition is often thought of as a negative, SalesScreen actually promotes collaboration. Employees can compete with each other to benefit the whole. Iron sharpens iron. SalesScreen has many great features, starting with the onboarding process and continuing throughout the employee’s lifecycle. The competition aspect will benefit customers and prepare employees for the sales frontlines.

We love SalesScreen’s Features

  • CRM Integration — This integrates with relationship managers, which can be a very useful feature for salespeople.
  • Competitions — Creates amazing competitions that challenge teams and their members to compete against each other
  • Leaderboards — Shows employees’ and teams’ performance

Price A trial is completely free. However, you can request a quote .


Feedback Software for Employee Engagement

11) Assembly

Assembly offers companies a virtual community where they can offer perks to their employees and social recognition in order to improve and enhance their company culture. This platform will have your employees jumping on the platform in excitement to see who has been paying attention to their work!

3 Features We Love from Assembly:

  • Calendar – Every day is a celebration!
  • Reward Program — Employees have the option to earn a variety of rewards such as lunch with the CEO, expense-covered classes, giftcards or branded merchandise to make them more excited about going to work.
  • Core Values Sidebar — This sidebar allows employees to see which skills are most in demand within their company so that they can plan accordingly

Price Schedule a demo to get a Free Trial (no need for a credit card) Premium features are priced based on the cost per employee. This is approximately the price of one bottle of water per month ($0-$3 each).


12) Motivosity


Motivosity, a leading engagement platform, recognizes that great teams are often busy and don’t have the time or resources to invest in their culture. They created a tool that is simple to use and fun, which will help you to engage your employees.

They have four areas to support engagement:

  • Connect – Provide some support to help build your team into an organization
  • Recognize – Incorporate recognition into your day to help you recognize others.
  • Leader – Transform managers into leaders
  • Listen to your employees and give them a chance to voice their opinions on important decisions

3 Features We Love About Motivosity:

  • Transparent Reporting — This platform clearly outlines the ways employees are recognized in your company
  • Personality widgets – Provide new employees with a way to get to know their coworkers interests, passions and roles in the company
  • Gift card library – You have a wide selection of gift cards options to choose from when you are ready to redeem your points.

Pricing: The most popular pricing model is $5 per person/month. However, you can scale up or down depending on the features you choose. To view detailed pricing options, click here

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