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Overstock inventory – today’s $1 trillion problem

Overstock inventory – today’s $1 trillion problem You’ve probably dealt with excess inventory in the past if you’re anything like most businesses. You might have been looking to add an item to your catalogue, or maybe you wanted to restock a favorite item. But you ran into a problem. Your warehouse is a storage area that […]

Klaviyo vs. Listrak: Comparing Platforms

Klaviyo vs. Listrak Investing in an eCommerce marketing platform helps businesses engage, delight and attract customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. You can improve your email marketing strategy, exceed customer expectations and choose the right tool for your eCommerce needs. This blog compares Klaviyo and Listrak in order to help you choose the right platform for […]

Automated Workflows: Attract, Engage & Delight Your Audience

eCommerce automation increases the relevancy and accuracy of messaging, and allows businesses to save time by eliminating redundant tasks. Continue reading to learn how eCommerce automation can help you attract, engage, and delight customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Automated Workflow: What Does it Do? An automated workflow is a marketing automation tool that triggers […]

Best SEO Services To Invest In

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting with SEO, or if you have been working in this field for years, it is always a good idea to seek out help from others if you run into a problem that you cannot solve on your own. Although SEO optimization is not a quick process, it will pay […]

Email Marketing with Mailchimp: Take a Look at the Tool’s Features

Email marketing can be one of the best ways to engage, delight and attract customers during the purchasing process. An email marketing tool can streamline your marketing efforts, generating impressive results and helping you build and maintain customer relationships. This blog will explore the Mailchimp email marketing platform. Mailchimp is popular among eCommerce businesses because of its easy-to-use […]

Pay Per Click Advertising Platforms You Need In 2022

The 2022 Pay Per Click Advertising Platforms That You Need There are many ways to increase visibility, brand awareness, and reach your audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also increase your ad revenue . These are the platforms that we recommend you explore and implement as part of […]

5 eCommerce Trends you’ll see in 2022

Trends come and go but some trends stay. You’ll be behind the curve if you don’t keep up to date with the competition. eCommerce has gained significant market share in the wake of the pandemic in 2021. This growth means that it is important to stay on top of the latest eCommerce trends. This blog is our prediction […]

Workflow Automation Software For eCommerce Merchants

What is Workflow Automation Software? A CRM or marketing tool called Workflow Automation software allows merchants to set up one or more tasks. The eCommerce automation is a method of automating actions with contacts within a marketing tool. This is called workflow automation. The rule-based logic is used to determine if a contact does something or not. Once the criteria […]

The 10 Best WhatsApp Business Greetings Message Examples for 2022

The 10 Best WhatsApp Business Greetings Message Examples for 2022 Two scenarios are possible: One, you sign up for the WhatsApp newsletter and notifications from two brands. The other sends you a warm greeting message inviting you to get in touch with them if they can help. They also invite you to follow them on Instagram, […]