How important it is to keep your ad creative fresh.

How important it is to keep your ad creative fresh.

How often should your digital creativity be refreshed?

It is always.

Ad fatigue is real. Digital marketers can feel annoyed when they see the same branded advertisement over and over again for months. Think about how it affects consumers. It is common for people to become less likely to see the ad the more they are exposed. This psychological concept is inattentional blink. It is the inability to see a fully-visible but unobserved object. You scroll through Facebook expecting to see photos of your friends and family. However, it is likely that you don’t notice brand-created ads in the same feed.

Digital advertising is not a common medium. It doesn’t matter how often an ad appears in your social media feed, mobile app, or eCommerce site, it still feels strange. Consumers will look past the branded ad in most cases. Your messages could cause consumers to associate negative feelings with your brand when they feel invaded.

How Important It Is to Keep it Fresh

You don’t need fresh creative to be a good thing. Reliable sources suggest that your creatives be refreshed every 4-6 weeks. If you are advertising on Facebook, however, you should refresh your creatives every 4-6 weeks. Your creative must be updated at least once a week. Facebook will not display your ads to target audiences if your creatives aren’t updated regularly. Facebook has acknowledged this is how they deal with creatives.

Even if the ads are initially successful, they tend to be less effective if they are repeated more than three times. A new ad should be created with new text and an image about once per week. To ensure they don’t conflict, make sure you stop the previous ad before starting the new one.

The Digital Creatives Dilemma

Design is a process that takes time, regardless of whether you employ creative professionals in-house or hire an agency. It can take as much time to achieve your vision in a display or social ad than it took to revise the idea you came up with in your kick-off meeting three week ago. You also have to consider the cost of editing, especially if you are using an agency that is likely to be expensive. You might quickly find yourself spending more than you intended for a piece of content that is not creative.

Imagine not having to create a brief detailing your requirements and then go through endless iterations of design iterations. Consider how much time you’d have to spend on all the other tasks you have to do during your workday. Imagine if you had access to tons and tons of high-quality content that is constantly updated, fresh, and wants to interact with. Imagine if this marketing utopia was possible, and all content is available for free.

Mining A Underutilized Source for Credible Creatives

Every day, real people create billions upon billions of posts on social media. All of the great, authentic, user-generated content (UGC), such as social posts, tweets and videos, can be used to create new, valuable content. This content can give your audience the experiences they want and that you won’t be able manufacture. This content can be used to fuel multi-channel marketing strategies and allow you to refresh your messages without causing audience fatigue.

Incorporating UGC in your marketing strategy will provide a great return on investment. You may recall the #ShotoniPhone campaign Apple ran. It was re-run multiple times. Apple asked customers to take incredible photos with their iPhones and submit them to the company for its ad campaign. The competition generated more than 700,000 Instagram posts. Apple has been able to post more than 13,000 new ads every week by creating this competition on Facebook. Talk about never boring your target audiences. They saved money on travel, photographers, and models by using great photos provided by loyal brand advocates.

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We don’t all have the same Apple, and that is something we must accept. However, they are not the only company using UGC to save money and drive engagement while keeping their content fresh.

Hamilton Island , a luxury spot on the Great Barrier Reef, is . Because they have an incredible property and the surrounding natural wonders to showcase, they decided to use real photos that their guests had already posted on social media. Their Facebook ads featured beautiful and authentic guest photos. This resulted in a significant increase in click through rates and a decrease of their cost per click.

Stop wasting money and your time on ads you will need to refresh in a week. Give your audience what they want: engaging, authentic content written by people just like them.


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