How to sell on YouTube as an eCommerce business

How to sell on YouTube as an eCommerce business

The eCommerce market is a crowded space that has made it a battleground for attention. YouTube is the best way to grab shoppers’ attention. It is second only to Google and second only behind Facebook as the most popular website on the planet. YouTube’s video-streaming service has a unique ability to influence consumer behavior in a way that is superior to other channels. YouTube viewers are two-fold more likely to purchase something they see on the platform.

YouTube users are 4X more likely than their social media peers to use YouTube to find information about a brand or product.

YouTube’s challenge is to stand out in a sea of creators, eCommerce competitors, distractions, and other YouTube users. We offer some tips below on how eCommerce businesses can use YouTube to drive traffic to their eCommerce site and sell products.

YouTube is an integral part of eCommerce marketing

eCommerce marketing has become a crucial component of any store’s long-term success. eCommerce Content Marketing is a key component of eCommerce marketing. It’s about engaging prospects and customers to make your business and brand as memorable as possible. Your business will be first in their minds when they are ready to buy.

YouTube is a powerful content marketing tool because of its love for video-based information, and hyper-personalized recommendations system.

A 2020 Nielsen survey was conducted by YouTube. It found that YouTube ads are more relevant than other channels for a third of the respondents.

YouTube had an impact on respondents’ shopping habits. People who remembered a YouTube advertisement in the past had more shopping trips, higher overall spending per trip, and more purchases than those who didn’t.

How to sell on YouTube

Google is making it easier for businesses to sell YouTube videos as it tries to compete with Amazon. You’ll need these things to get started:

  1. If you don’t have one, you should create one. This 3-minute video by Google shows you how to create one.
  2. A landing page or an online store. Wix eCommerce will help you with this one. 700,000 eCommerce entrepreneurs have made opening an online store using Wix simple. You don’t have to create a YouTube channel to promote your products. However, it is possible to sell products on online marketplaces and from physical stores. It makes things much easier.
  3. An eCommerce strategy that includes video in its mix of tactics.
  4. This is a way to make high-quality videos for you store. You can use your iPhone to create high-quality videos, but we recommend using a dedicated camera with a tripod set up when you use video to sell products. This will allow you to take professional footage of the products being used and make sure you stand out from all the rest. To give your video a professional look, you can add music to the Wix Video Maker.
  5. If you wish to use YouTube for paid advertising, you will need a Google Ads account. YouTube ads are managed by Google’s advertising platform. To advertise on YouTube, you will need to create a Google Ads Account. (Learn) Can you promote products on YouTube? Yes, you can. Continue reading to find out how.

How do I market my eCommerce store on Youtube?

Although it may seem obvious, marketing your eCommerce business via YouTube requires you to create a successful YouTube channel. How to create your own YouTube channel is what you should be reading.

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The first is to create a strong section called “About”, with a detailed description of the channel.

Add links to your website or social media accounts. Make sure the description is concise and pertinent. Here’s an example taken from our YouTube channel.

Next, make a compelling channel trailer that will pique viewers’ interest and encourage them subscribe. Channel trailers can be a great way for your channel and brand to be introduced to new viewers. This is our channel trailer, which we are very proud of.

You now know how to upload videos . According to the Pew Research Center, more than 50% people use YouTube to learn how to do things that they’ve never done before. When deciding what content to create, here are some things to remember.

These are just a few of the topics and techniques you should consider when marketing your eCommerce store on YouTube.

  1. Reviews and testimonials from customers help to showcase your products and build trust with viewers unfamiliar with your business.
  2. Vlogs are shorthand for “video log”, and they’re video versions of the written blogs we all love. Vlogging about your online shop is a creative way of promoting and showcasing products. You can use vlogs to show product demos, howto videos, product “hauls”, which highlight multiple products that share a common theme (e.g. ten great gifts for teens), or any other pertinent topics.
  3. Influencers are people who have large social media followings. They can be a great source of promotion for your products and business. Although it is not always free to collaborate with influencers on social media, it can be a great way to promote your store and products to many viewers. Alex Garza is a YouTube star with almost 900,000. He often partners with retailers. This video from Garza for Walmart has been viewed almost 35,000 times. It features different outfits all of which are by Walmart.
  4. Another way to reach new audiences is through comarketing campaigns. Comarketing is a way for brands like Nike and Purina to reach large and new audiences. Purina’s Puppyhood campaign included a series (extremely adorable) videos featuring a man and his puppy. These videos were posted to YouTube and shown on Buzzfeed. These videos were essentially puppy food commercials. However, they were also very popular and shared widely. Nearly 30 million people viewed the original video.
  5. Optimizing YouTube videos to search can help viewers find your videos when they search YouTube or Google-–Google shows YouTube results in their main search engine. Make sure to fill in all parameters of a video, including title and description. Use relevant keywords.
  6. You can create shopping ads on YouTube if you have a Google Ads Account. These ads will connect users to your products. TrueView for Shopping campaigns pulls in your Google Merchant Center product information into shopping cards that are displayed in video ads. Google AdsHelp provides details about how to create TrueView Shopping campaigns and which products you should feature.

Traffic to your site

Although YouTube is a great place to market products, it’s not the only one. Your website is your digital storefront. Your website is your digital storefront. It provides information to visitors via YouTube, Google, Facebook, and offline sources. If you are looking for ways to drive traffic to an online store through YouTube, one way is to link to your website and product pages on your channel page. Also, make sure to add a description to each video. Your URL can be featured in videos.

YouTube has an card feature that creators can use for linking to videos and playlists. YouTube has a link card that allows users the ability to link to external websites. However, you need to be a member of YouTube’s partnership program in order to use it.


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