The 10 Best WhatsApp Business Greetings Message Examples for 2022

The 10 Best WhatsApp Business Greetings Message Examples for 2022

Two scenarios are possible: One, you sign up for the WhatsApp newsletter and notifications from two brands. The other sends you a warm greeting message inviting you to get in touch with them if they can help. They also invite you to follow them on Instagram, and offer a discount.

Another brand does not reach out immediately, but they send a promo message shouting about their new launch within a few weeks of you signing up.

Which brand will you remember to connect with when it comes time to buy? Which brand will you mark as spam because you don’t remember signing up?

It’ll be brand #2, I’m betting. This is the power of a welcoming message. We are here to help you learn more about this power known as welcome messages.

Let’s see what welcome messages are. They are essential for your business.

These are just 10 examples that will inspire you. ).

  1. What is a WhatsApp Greetings Message?
  2. Why are WhatsApp welcome messages important?
  3. 10 Examples for Greeting Messages on WhatsApp
  4. Sending a welcome message using WhatsApp Business App
  5. Sending a Greeting Message to WhatsApp Business API
  6. Manage WhatsApp Support + Market with DelightChat

What is a WhatsApp Greetings Message?

It is also known as WhatsApp Welcome Message. This message can be customized and sent to your customers or leads when they first message or after 14 days of inactivity.

Here is an example of an ecommerce company’s welcome message.

It warmly welcomes and reaffirms why you chose their brand (to keep fit & health). For further engagement on social media, there’s a link that takes you to their Instagram account. It has an informal and casual feel thanks to the use of emojis.

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Why are WhatsApp welcome messages important?

Establish a relationship with your customers

A greeting message can make a great first impression. If done well, greeting messages can help customers get to know you and your personality.

WhatsApp’s welcome message is the same thing as the “Can you help me?” greeting you receive when you go into your favorite store or restaurant. Even if you don’t need any help, it makes you feel valued and taken good care of.

Take an idea from the

Recognize the receipt of a message

A welcome message lets people know their message was received and that they can expect further assistance. This opens up communication channels with customers and they don’t have to wonder if you are available via WhatsApp.

The message in the below example confirms that you have opted-in. It also informs you how to unsubscribe from future messages. This creates trust and shows that you won’t be forced to accept messages from the brand. This helps to reduce spam complaints.

Tell customers about the next steps

WhatsApp welcome messages, like the one in the picture below, can be used to guide new website visitors as they navigate the next steps. Clear CTAs prompt you to tap and continue the conversation.

Automate the connection with new subscribers

Your WhatsApp greeting message can be created once and set it up to trigger immediately when a new contact messages your company.

This allows you to communicate with potential customers and customers even when you’re not online. You might be surfing in Sri Lanka, or taking care business strategic needs.

WhatsApp Business App is required to create these automations. You can also use WhatsApp Business API with a compatible platform capable of conversing with the API.

DelightChat allows you to send WhatsApp welcome messages via the official API.

We will explore both options for sending welcome messages.

Let’s look at some examples to help us get ideas before we move on to execution.

Here are 10 examples of greeting messages for WhatsApp

General Greetings Message

Here’s a template that you can use to send a subtle message to say hello, sound friendly, and establish a connection.


We are glad you came to . We are happy that you chose us. .

You can order online Here’s our website: .

Let’s have some fun with Instagram:



Welcome Message: Educate about your brand

WhatsApp messages have a high rate of open because subscribers expect to get a message whenever they connect with a business or are interested in learning more. This template can be used to introduce your brand in a welcome email.


I’m Greta . You are welcome to Where are we .

Why our customers love us?

– We promote sustainable fashion.

Our designs are timeless and can be worn for many years.

We will ensure that you have an enjoyable buying experience with our friendly support

You can choose from 850 brands on our website. You are sure to find the right product for you.

Are you ready to place an order? Check out our website.

Customer Support Messages

You can send a customized message to customers who have a WhatsApp account for customer support.


We’ve received your query. Within 24 hours, one of our team members will respond to your query.

You can also visit our FAQ section here. To find a quick solution.

We are grateful to

Contact the Support Team

Auto Message: “There’s an outage”

You can send a message to notify others of an outage and have it sent out when services resume.


We are grateful that you contacted us. Our customer support system is currently experiencing technical problems. We are currently working with our engineers to resolve the issue. Once it is resolved, we will get back to your email address.

You can also visit our FAQ section here. To find a quick solution. We appreciate your patience.

Kind Regards.

Contact the Support Team

Welcome Messages for ‘Away”


We are glad you came to . Although we would love to answer your question immediately, our shopping experts are currently on vacation.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM IST. You can rest assured that one of our team members is going to be in touch with your soon.

Did you know that our help section answers frequently asked questions? You can find it here.

Here’s a selection of our bestsellers to help find the right outfit for every occasion.

Kind regards


This template was inspired from the message that 91Springboard sent us when we contacted them last weekend. It’s possible to see it in action here:

Welcome Message: ‘Order Confirmation’

During checkout, you can ask customers to opt in for WhatsApp messages. Here’s a message that you can send to customers if they consent to receive WhatsApp notifications:

Hello there!

We have received your order. We have received your order ID

We will send you an email with a tracking number, and a link to track your package once it ships.

Drop us a line if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

Returns: Please see this return policy if you wish to return your product.

P.S. These may be your favorite:


‘Deliver welcome discount’ Message

You should promise a discount when you sign up for WhatsApp messages.

Hello there!

Thank you for subscribing our newsletter via WhatsApp.

Here’s your 10% discount code for any item on the site — HAPPYFACE10. There is no minimum purchase required. This coupon code is valid for 6 months.

CTA Buton: Order Now

Welcome Message

Hello there!

We are currently unable to respond to your email. We will respond within 24 hours.


Welcome Message: “Engage a Lead”

You can offer a sample to anyone who has been referred by your website. Then, ask for confirmation in the welcome email.

Hello there!

We are glad you came to .

Get a free sample ? To confirm, tap on the yes button. If you do not want it, tap No. There are no hard feelings.

Quick Reply Button 1 : Yes!

Quick Reply Button 2, No, Thanks!

Message Welcome to ‘Next Steps”

A welcome message should go beyond a simple hello. It should encourage the lead to continue the conversation. You can add multiple CTAs, an automated chatbot and a welcome message to this.

What can we do to help you today?

Click on the buttons that correspond to your query. This will allow us to assign the correct people to assist you.

Below are some examples of messages that include next steps via chatbot and CTAs.

Let’s now see how WhatsApp Business App & API can help you craft your welcome message.

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How to send a welcome message using WhatsApp Business App

It is easy to set up the welcome message for the Business app.

1. Open WhatsApp Business and click the three dots at the top of the screen.

2. Go to Business Tools > Greeting message.

3. Allow the “Send greeting message” option.

4. Tap “Greeting message”, edit your message, and tap “OK” to save the message

5. Select from the available options by tapping ‘Recipients”

  • All (send to all who message you)
  • All people not listed in your address books (send to customers that aren’t in you address book).
  • All except (send all customers to you except those you choose)
  • Send only to selected customers

How to send a Greeting Message using WhatsApp Business API

You will need to use WhatsApp API rather than WhatsApp Business app. This software must interface with the API and allow for automations such as custom greeting messages.

DelightChat allows you to connect to the WhatsApp API. The team can assist you in obtaining it quickly if you don’t already have it.

Step 1 :

Register for DelightChat to apply for the WhatsApp API. Once you’re ready, our team will guide you through the whole process.

Step 2

To set up your custom WhatsApp greeting, go to Settings > Automation Rules

You can find the steps required to set up an automation rule in our help article How to reply automatically to a WhatsApp message. This will allow you to get started in less than 2 minutes.

The final result will be exactly the same as the message you have written here.

This is the greeting message that someone sends to our WhatsApp API number.

DelightChat – Manage WhatsApp Support + Marketing

WhatsApp engagement is far higher than other channels. Because they know the recipients of their messages and can choose who to block, users are more active. If you’re on the contact list of a user, expect high open rates and lots of engagement.

As your WhatsApp customer base grows, it is necessary to increase the number of team members you have. If you have more than two people in your team, it is recommended that you create a shared WhatsApp Business Inbox.

The shared inbox has many benefits:

  • All your WhatsApp conversations can be merged in one place
  • You can easily assign conversations to team members, and keep track who is in charge.
  • Auto-responders can be set up to automatically respond to customer messages based on keywords
  • Send broadcasts DelightChat’s WhatsApp Marketing Software powered by Official API

DelightChat is an omnichannel shared email inbox that combines all support channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, FB and Emails from a single screen.

We also offer a complete WhatsApp Marketing Suite, which allows you to send WhatsApp Broadcasts directly to your customer lists using the Official API. This will help you grow your revenue.

We can also assist you to access WhatsApp API, and even create a free Green Tick app to Meta for you brand.

Get DelightChat for free for 14 days and see if it is the right tool to help your business.


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