Workflow Automation Software For eCommerce Merchants

What is Workflow Automation Software?

A CRM or marketing tool called Workflow Automation software allows merchants to set up one or more tasks. The eCommerce automation is a method of automating actions with contacts within a marketing tool. This is called workflow automation. The rule-based logic is used to determine if a contact does something or not. Once the criteria are identified, workflow automation software allows businesses to send emails, schedule tasks internally, set reminders, and many other functions.


What does Workflow Automation Software do?

Automation of repetitive tasks within a team or individual is what workflow automation does. The majority of the examples shown in the graphic are applicable to marketing automation. This list isn’t exhaustive, however, because there are many ways to automate your marketing processes. While eCommerce automation is most beneficial to sales and marketing teams, it can also benefit other departments such as finance, human resources, and IT.

Marketing Automation

Marketing teams can use workflow automation to improve their productivity

  • For nurturing and following up on leads, establish a consistent cadence
  • Schedule social posts across multiple platforms
  • The software can be used to delegate mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Receive an email or social media notification when a lead contacts you via email or social media.

Sales Automation

Software that automates workflows is not only great for marketing but also for sales teams. It allows salespeople:

  • Make sure they reach out to every lead in the funnel
  • Take notes and gain insight into ongoing processes
  • Send context emails

Human Resources Automation

Here are some ways workflow automation can benefit human resource managers, and their teams:

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Recruiting faster
  • Compliance
  • Improved onboarding and offboarding

Finance Automation

Finance professionals also have the benefit of workflow automation.

  • Making managing documents simpler
  • Processing time can be saved
  • Invoices can be scheduled to automatically pay
  • Integration of data and accounting software

IT Automation

Workflow automation is a tool that IT professionals use to streamline their day.

  • Attributing tickets and escalations only to those who are available
  • Avoiding duplicate support requests
  • Asset management
  • Confirm updates
  • More

Businesses have many options for automating their processes. We can now see the benefits of workflow automation software. Let’s talk about the features you should look out for when buying it.

What Features Should You Look for?

Simple To Use & Intuitive

eCommerce automation is meant to simplify the complicated things, not vice versa. Make sure your team can use the software easily when you’re looking for investment software. When creating or updating workflows, you shouldn’t require IT support.

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Notifications sent

Workflow automation’s ability to run without human intervention is one of its key advantages. It serves as an important reminder to team members that the workflow is running smoothly by sending them emails.

Valuable reporting

It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated your workflow is, it’s vital that it provides valuable reporting. Although you may think your workflow was set up correctly the first time, the results that your business is seeing are not so positive. You can analyze the workflow’s reporting features to see what you need to improve, whether it’s too easy with fewer steps or too complicated with too many steps.


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