How to Become a Web3 Developer

How to Become a Web3 Developer


Web 3.0 does not represent a new trend in technology, but rather a revolutionary philosophy. The third generation of internet is centered on empowering users to take back control of their data and allowing them to own it. Web3 is a promising technology field that any aspiring professional could be interested in. You must have seen the potential lucrative benefits of working in web3. The scarcity of web3 developers has clearly led to a huge increase in the salary of web3 professionals.

Are you able to capitalize on the shortage of web3 developers to offer employers what they want? It is difficult for a novice to answer this question if they don’t have any practical knowledge of web3. This discussion will provide a roadmap for web3 developers and a description of why web3 developers are important. This will give you a clear idea of the skills needed to cater for the responsibilities of web3 developer.

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Why should you pursue Web3 Developer roles?

Any beginner’s first thought would be to think about the job opportunities available for web3 developers. Are you going to be rewarded for your web3 development skills? Web3 is the next big thing. Many people associate web3 to almost any cryptocurrency. Web3 is also known as the decentralized internet value that allows peer to peer transactions between users.

One of the most important drivers of web3 is the idea of eliminating the control of tech-giant intermediaries like Google and Facebook. Web3’s importance is also evident in the coverage of artificial IntelligenceIoT and blockchain. It is easy to see that web3 will be the future of technology, given its functionalities.

Recent reports suggest that the average salary for web3 developers is between $90,000 and $150,000 per year. Sources suggest that web3 professionals working in higher positions could earn up to $500,000 and $750,000. Web3 developers are highly motivated by the potential of the web3, the lack of skilled web3 developers, as well as the lucrative professional rewards.

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Responsibilities for Web3 Developers

An outline of web3 developer responsibilities is the first thing you need to know in order to build your web3 development expertise. Knowing your web3 developer responsibilities will help you identify the skills that you need to master. The responsibilities of web3 developer vary depending on the niche. For example, pay-to-earnDeFi and metaverse, NFTs or other Blockchain applications. The common responsibilities for web3 developers are core development and application. Below is a list of tasks that you will need to complete in each role.

Core Developer

The web3 core developers are responsible for designing, architecture, security, and maintenance of blockchain systems. You must prepare for these responsibilities if you are interested in becoming a web3 core developer.

  • From the foundation, design and development of layer1 blockchain networks
  • Customizing security patterns and consensus protocol for the application network
  • Designing network architecture and operational nodes
  • Monitoring the entire network

A web3 core developer’s work is a solid foundation for the development of decentralized apps or dApps in the future.

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Web3 Application Developers

The architecture provided by core developers is used by web3 app developers to design and deploy dApps. There are two distinct aspects to the responsibilities for web3 app developers: front-end and backend. In both cases, what are your responsibilities?

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  • Web3 Backend Development

Web3 backend programming is very different to the traditional backend programming because you don’t require servers. Layer 1 network solutions can be used by developers to achieve the goals of the app. Developers can also create smart contract for automating and defining the logic. Backend web3 development involves designing, deploying and managing smart contracts.

  • Front-End Development

The client-side aspect of web3 applications is the front-end. The majority of front-end architecture work focuses on seamless interaction with smart contract. Front-end development also includes the creation of suitable mechanisms to ensure user authentication and wallet connection.

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What do you need to become a Web3 developer?

A glimpse at the career options for web3 developers and the details about the responsibilities of web3 professionals set the tone for anyone looking for the best web3 jobs. For beginners, the obvious question “What is required to become a Web3 Developer?” should be a top priority.

You don’t want to waste any time. Let’s dive into the basics of web3 developers.

Get started with Blockchain Basics

The foundation of a new domain is blockchain technology. This is the obvious entry in the web3 developer skills list. Blockchain is an immutable, distributed, and publicly accessible database that users can own. The data is stored in blocks that are consecutively associated with each other using hashing algorithms.

Each block contains the transaction data and its hash. Any changes to the blocks will result in changes in the hash, invalidating the next block. It is virtually impossible to make malicious changes to blockchain because it is stored on multiple computers around the world. You could start your journey to becoming a web3 developer by taking a course in blockchain fundamentals.

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Decentralized Applications: The Fundamentals

Without decentralized apps, the web3 developer roadmap may be incomplete. The web3 landscape is incomplete without reference to dApps, which are built on top of blockchain networks. Every web3 developer should be familiar with dApps and their technologies. JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue are the most prominent technologies for frontend programming in dApps.

The backend technologies that are available for dApp development are Rust/ SolanaSolidityEthereum. Many industries have seen the rise of decentralized applications. dApps, for example, can be used to manage records and facilitate secure payments using cryptocurrencies. Decentralized apps can also make it easier to execute smart contracts successfully.

The Basics of Frontend Web Design

You will need to have experience in frontend development if you wish to be a web3 developer. Web3 apps and dApps may have blockchain technology as their backend architecture, with JavaScript running the frontend. Fluency in these areas is essential.

  • Common HTML tags
  • CSS features like Grid and Flex, as well as basic properties, are available in CSS.
  • CSS frameworks like Tailwind, Bootstrap and SemanticUI.
  • Variables, functions and ES6 classes are just a few of the concepts in JavaScript.
  • JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React and Vue

A solid knowledge of the technologies and principles associated with web2 backend is also required for web3 developers.

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Learn Ethereum Basics

Ethereum has the best potential for developing and deploying dynamic apps. It is trusted by web3 developers to process smart contracts. Along with Solidity programming language, the basics of Ethereum are essential for web3 developers. Refer to the official documentation for Ethereum to improve your knowledge and skills.

Knowledge of smart contracts is a key requirement for any web3 developer aspiring to work in the Ethereum domain. You must also learn the following topics in Ethereum basics.

  • Definition of cryptocurrency, Ethereum and Ethereum
  • Use cases for Ethereum
  • Participation in the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Methods to leverage Ethereum protocol

Web3 developers should also be educated about the best practices for engaging in the Ethereum community.

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Knowledge about Smart Contracts

The majority of the work of web3 developers would be focused on smart contract. You will need to be proficient in smart contract development and Solidity, the most widely used programming language for creating smart contracts. This high-level contract-oriented language is designed to make smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain easily.

For smart contracts that are tailored to client requirements, web3 developers who want to become programmers in Solidity must first learn programming in Solidity. Every web3 developer should know the following:

  • Variables and functions
  • Lists enumerated
  • Arrays
  • Mapping
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Examples of simple smart contracts

Candidates must be able to practice the concepts and functions in Solidity on real projects.

Connecting the Smart Contract with Frontend

After developing the smart contract, deployment is the next important step. It is important to have a clear understanding of how smart contracts can be used. Two primary web3 libraries are available to developers: web3.js or ethers.js.

Web3.js has fewer advantages than ethers.js. The ethers.js library has fewer bugs, better documentation and a smaller size. Web3 developers love ethers.js because it offers additional features.

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Learn more about development tools

If you want to be a web3 developer, it is essential to have some knowledge of the basics of web development tools. The most popular tools for web3 development are Alchemy, Remix and Hardhat. Here’s a brief overview.


Web3 developers should also learn Alchemy. This tool suite can be used to speed up the prototyping, testing, and shipping of products. It is compatible with many blockchain networks, including Flow and Ethereum.

Alchemy also provides an NFT API that can be used to launch their own NFT collections and projects without any difficulties. Alchemy also offers powerful blockchain API and web3 push notifications.


Fluency in Remix would be a key focus for the answers to the question “What do you need to become web3 developer?” It’s a browser-based IDE that can be used to develop Ethereum smart contract via Solidity.

Because Remix makes it easy to write code and test it, as well as compiling it, it is a must-have tool for web3 developers. Remix allows for flexible deployment of smart contract.


Web3 developers are often faced with difficult tasks due to the repeated tests and modifications required before deployment. You will need to have skills in Hardhat which provides a local Ethereum environment. The local network can be used by developers to deploy the contract, and also for testing Solidity code.

An alternative to Hardhat is Truffle Suite which offers a range of smart-contract development tools. Truffle is a compiler for smart contracts, simulating blockchain networks, and a source of front end components. Through Truffle and Hardhat, you can find multiple ways to improve efficiency when developing web3 apps. These tools are flexible and cost-effective, which is the main benefit for web3 development.

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Top Practices to Find Web3 Developer Jobs

Web3 developers are required to have a long list of skills. This validates the web3 developer salaries estimate. As a reward for their hard work in learning skills, any candidate will be rewarded with a handsome salary. It is important to understand the best route to get web3 developer jobs. These are the top practices to follow in order to build your web3 developer career.

  • Get Professional Training

Professional training is a top priority for web3 developers. Training courses in Ethereum, smart contract development and web3 concepts like NFTs, and cryptocurrency are essential. You should also pay attention to advanced courses that cover multidisciplinary topics such as the combination of and IoT technologies.

You can build your web3 skills from scratch with professional training courses, particularly with the fundamental courses. You can slowly learn about other aspects of web3 development as well as the best practices. It is a good idea to search for training providers that offer a wide range of web3-related courses.

  • Get Certified

Certification is the best recommendation for web3 developers. What is the relevance of a certification for web3 careers? What is the value of a certification for web3 beginners? These questions can be answered by the recognition that certifications offer.

HTML3 professionals who are certified in HTML3 should be considered first when making hiring decisions. They can add value to the company. How? How?

Certified Web3 Professional and CW3P certification for 101 Blockchains are great options for beginners. A certification training course is a great way to help beginners learn how web3 technologies interact in the web3 ecosystem.

  • Community Involvement & Networking

Web3’s developer roadmap would emphasize the importance of networking and community participation. Web3 is a constantly evolving concept. The ‘open-source” element of web3 provides the foundation for large communities. Web3 communities are a great resource for beginners to find answers to questions about web3 technologies or careers. Virtual forums and communities can be great places to interact with peers and professionals.

Aspiring web3 developers should also improve their professional networking skills. You can attract potential employers by simple initiatives like customizing your social media profiles or advocating for Web3 trends. Your reputation within a community is also a key determinant of your employment as web3 developer.

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Bottom Line

You will need to acquire many skills in order to reach the goal of becoming a web3 developer, according to the final extract from the guide. Web3 apps or dApps will define the future technology and digital solutions. To earn the title web3 developer, it is important for beginners to find the right resources and direction.

Web3 has evolved over the years to become an embedded philosophy that emphasizes the decentralization internet. Web3 encompasses many promising technologies, including blockchain and DeFiDeFi, Metaverse , NFTs, and NFTs. Candidates can discover many significant value advantages on their path to becoming web3 developers. Find out more about the best certification courses to demonstrate your skills as a web3 development expert.


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