Klaviyo vs. Listrak: Comparing Platforms

Klaviyo vs. Listrak

Investing in an eCommerce marketing platform helps businesses engage, delight and attract customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. You can improve your email marketing strategy, exceed customer expectations and choose the right tool for your eCommerce needs.

This blog compares Klaviyo and Listrak in order to help you choose the right platform for your eCommerce business. Both platforms are great for improving efficiency and creating positive customer experiences. However, it is important to keep your core needs in consideration when making a decision.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo provides marketing automation tools that enable online businesses to create meaningful customer relationships. Klaviyo’s features allow eCommerce businesses to scale and grow, from personalized SMS messaging to integrations, social advertising, and much more.

We’ve broken down the benefits and features of Klaviyo and Listrak to help you evaluate them better. This will allow you to choose the right solution for your eCommerce needs.

Klaviyo helps to build customer relationships


Klaviyo offers over 100 native integrations that enable eCommerce businesses to take advantage of customer data such as email, phone number and first and last order dates. Klaviyo’s API supports custom eCommerce platforms that do not natively integrate with Klaviyo. This allows you to integrate with any platform that exports data.

How can this data help businesses to build trust with customers? This data can be used by businesses to segment customers and to create customized marketing campaigns that meet their needs. Companies can use this information to create abandoned cart campaigns.

Businesses can offer customers unique product recommendations to encourage conversion. Brands can leverage Klaviyo to make it easier to deliver the content they need at the right moment in the buyer’s journey.

Forms & Personalization

While it is important to increase your email list in preparation for Black Friday or the holiday season, it is even more crucial that businesses continue to grow their list throughout the year. Klaviyo’s signup form allows you to collect email addresses and convert visitors into subscribers.

Signup forms and welcome offers are a great way to capture visitors and turn them into customers. Klaviyo can be used to segment your contacts. You can personalize pop-up forms, and optimize messaging to appeal to different audiences. Consider how you would greet a first-time customer, a VIP customer, or someone celebrating their birthday. Your messaging should be different for each case and help customers feel valued.

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Customer Profiles

Klaviyo’s eCommerce CRM allows you to view all subscriber and customer information. Businesses can view all customer and subscriber information within Klaviyo’s eCommerce CRM.

Klaviyo – Analyzing customer insights


Klaviyo’s dynamic segment update automatically feature is something that not many email service providers have. Klaviyo takes care of maintaining the lists for businesses, so they can spend more time on other things. Segmenting contact lists allows businesses to target specific audiences based upon customer behavior.

Data Science & Reporting

Klaviyo makes use of data science, also known as artificial Intelligence, to analyze customer data and predict when a customer will buy again. Klaviyo helps businesses to predict the future.

  • What a customer may spend in the future
  • Future purchases
  • Probability of churn
  • Each customer’s value
  • Buying cycles
  • Gender
  • To increase performance, send emails at the right time

Klaviyo’s reporting tool utilizes Custom Analytics to instantly show businesses the information they need – from email/campaign performance, cart conversions by segments and weekly/monthly reports.

Klaviyo: Communicating with Customers


Automate your email marketing strategy to save time and increase your team’s productivity. To nurture buyers and speed up the buyer’s purchase decision, plan the buyer’s journey.

Social Media Marketing

Klaviyo allows brands to create engaging social media experiences that are unique for their customers. Klaviyo helps brands grow reach and convert more customers by leveraging customer data.


Navin Jain (Klaviyo’s Strategic Account Executive) spoke to us about SMS functionality. There are many reasons why SMS is a good choice for businesses. These are:

  • Welcome series
  • Cart abandoned
  • Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Tips

We encourage you to read this post about Klaviyo to learn more about personalized messaging.

What is Listrak?

Listrak, a digital marketing platform for retail, is used to send email, mobile messaging, customer insight, and cross-channel orchestration. The platform focuses its efforts on delivering strategies and solutions that produce desirable results year over year for eCommerce retailers. For more information on Klaviyo vs. Listrak, and to learn about some of the best features and benefits offered by Listrak, continue reading.

Listrak Solutions

Cross-Channel Orchestrations

Listrack allows businesses to build data-driven buyer journeys using customer behavior. This platform allows you to create data-driven buyer journeys based on customer behavior. Cross-channel programs are a way for eCommerce retailers to optimize customer engagement.

Listrak, much like Klaviyo helps businesses create customized trigger messages that are sent to customers when they meet a specific criteria. Businesses can send welcome emails to people who are new visitors. Businesses can also follow up with customers after they have purchased the product to find out how satisfied they are.

Customer Insights

Listrak provides over 70 pre-built “visualization tiles” for customer data that provide instant insight into customer data. The pre-built dashboards allow businesses to see and understand customer behavior in one place, and provide metrics that can be used to drive results.

Triggers based on behavioral factors

Look at the online behavior and engagement of customers to find out where they are in their buyer journey. Listrak listens to customers’ signals to intent so that businesses can know the best time to communicate.

Listrak, like Klaviyo helps brands recover abandoned carts through personalized messages that re-engage shoppers to nurture them on their way to conversion. Listrak also offers browse recovery to help brands win back customers who leave a site prior to landing on the checkout page.

Unified 360deg Profile

This is another term Listrak uses to describe a customer’s data profil. Listrak gathers data through a variety channels to build a complete customer profile for marketing purposes. It considers where customers are using their devices (e.g., iPad, smartphone, tablet or desktop). It tracks users even before they give an email address or phone number.

Predictive Personalization

Listrak, much like Klaviyo uses artificial intelligence to predict future actions. It uses past customer behavior to predict future behavior, and it helps businesses make data-informed business decisions. Listrak allows businesses to predict:

  • What a customer may spend in the future
  • Possibility to buy
  • Stages of the lifecycle
  • Email performance

Our recommendation

We are an Elite BigCommerce Partner Agency and we recently learned that BigCommerce had removed the Listrak integration form their integrations library. We recommend contacting BigCommerce directly if you are using BigCommerce for your eCommerce platform.

Klaviyo is a trusted marketing automation platform that our clients trust. It has a simple user interface, integrated BigCommerce integrations, a quick setup and the ability to create complex customer journeys. Customers love Klaviyo’s all-in one pricing model.

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